Put in Bin!

The ‘Put In Bin’, campaign is about changing the status of the ubiquitous public rubbish bin. The idea was enthusiastically taken up by City of Yarra’s Waste Recycling team in it’s efforts to boost the 'recycle' message.

Our objective was to take the perforated stainless steel bins which proliferate the Melbourne landscape and transform them into something more.

In the first of our Bin Wrap roll outs, 40 public rubbish bins in Fitzroy, Collingwood and Clifton Hill were given the new treatment. The feedback to date has been extremely positive, with instances of people putting their rubbish in their favourite character bin. The graphics on the Wraps are engaging and humorous and deliver the recycle message in a positive way.


Melbourne, Victoria
Community Consultation, Design Development, Fabrication, Installation.
Completed April 2016
City of Yarra