National Aboretum Playspace

The Playspace at the National Arboretum in Canberra is a wonderland of giant sculptures inspired by plant forms including banksias, acorns, leaves and seeds.

Working in collaboration with TCL, we developed concepts, documentation and prototypes based on these plant forms.We then developed and fabricated several of these forms including the Banksia Cubbies.

Each Banksia has a set of play elements built into it including slides, water cannons, ladders, crawl throughs, drums and sound tubes. The tea tree shades we designed work beautifully with the nature based thematic of the space. The Playspace’s success is a testament to the vision of the designers at TCL who worked conscientiously to produce a playspace that challenges, inspires and breaks fearlessly away from the expected.


Forest Drive, Canberra, ACT.
Design, Development, Construction, Installation.
Completed May 2013.
TCL Landscape Architects, Design Landscapes.