Life: Point Cook Playspace

We were approached by Landscape Architects Group GSA to design and deliver an iconic playspace for a new housing development called LIFE : Point Cook.

We decided to create a strong, character driven centrepiece that stirred the imagination of toddlers and primary school aged kids while providing playful educational snippets of the area. We looked to nature and particularly local native species for inspiration, and decided that the Growling Grass Frog would be the hero.

She’s big, bright green and fairly warty just like her real counterpart. Gertie the Growling Grass Frog’s story is captured inside the cubby (her belly) through fun facts and Q & A’s. Her warty back legs provide climbing opportunities and her baby froglets and tadpoles appear in the space as both rockers and stepping stones. Jumping games are encouraged in a frog hop game and mini trampolines. Large old tree hollows provide a safe hideout for frog kids, and hand-carved wooden totems are set alongside the path for tactile exploration by little fingers.


Saltwater Promenade, Point Cook,  Victoria.
Concept Design &  Development, Documentation, Construction, Installation.
Completed Nov 2017
Frasers Property Group, Group GSA.

Early concept sketches by AvM

Early concept sketches by AvM

Gertie the frog leaving BiGfiSh for Point Cook