Hoa Mai Clock

Popularly called the "Vietnamese Mickey Mouse plant," the Hoa Mai flower is a symbol of Tet in Southern Vietnam. It can be seen decorating homes and businesses to celebrate the new year. The brightly coloured, five petaled flower was chosen by the City of Maribyrnong and the community as an iconic symbol representing the "Little Saigon" market in Footscray.

BiGfiSh were given a simple drawing and colour pallette for the clock by Maribyrnong City Council to interpret as a 3.5m tall Clock. 

We developed the form through 3D modelling, and in collaboration with robot-whisperers Kaber and clock makers Ingrams we realised the flower as a vibrant new landmark for Footscray.

The clock is now suspended 15 metres above the plaza in Little Saigon, fixed to the facade of a new car park. All control and lighting harnesses are discretely hidden from view as are the 350 LED pixels on the clock’s back which create a gentle halo effect on the building’s facade.


Little Saigon, Footscray, Victoria.
Conceptual Development, Design Development, Construction, Installation.
Completed March 2017
City of Maribyrnong, Devco, Ingrams, Kaber, MCG Cranes.