Dala Horses: IKEA Richmond

The Dala Horse is a traditional hand carved toy from the villages of Dalarna, Sweden. They have become a symbolic national souvenir, originally carved by woodsmen and given a as a gift to their children. The little wooden horses are a much treasured object in Sweden, and serve as a reminder of IKEA's iconic heritage.

We were asked to translate the Dala Horse into a super-sized, lightweight sculpture so that a cluster of them could be hung in the atrium of IKEA's Richmond flagship store.

We carved the 1.5m tall horses from lightweight foam and applied a high strength coating before finishing them in the traditional bright red paint. The horses now hang above the atrium cafe to greet customers as they enter the Richmond store.


IKEA Richmond, Vic.
Design development and Fabrication.
Completed November 2017.
IKEA Australia.