Cloverton Vision Centre

Cloverton Vision Centre is part of a new Stockland development north of Melbourne in Kalkallo, conceived by Landscape Architects Spiire.

The Vision Centre presents a completely new approach to the traditional housing sales office. It occupies a space approximately the size of a small city block. As well as a sales office, conference centre and café, the centre includes a play space unlike any other. BiGfiSh were involved in the creation of the playspace from early on and worked closely with leading Landscape Architect, Matt York from Spiire.

We created play elements referencing local indigenous culture, native plants and landforms as well as the area's farming history. The playspace is alive with Blooming Seed Pod Cubbies, a Yam Daisy Water Play Field, Kangaroo Grass sculptures, a huge Eel Trap tunnel, Lomandra weave sculptures, kinetic swings, flying foxes and slides.


Kalkallo, Victoria.
Conceptual Design, Design Development, Fabrication, Installation.
Completed March, 2017
Spiire, Stockland, ULS, Waterside Metal Art


Process film by Misheye