Canberra Centre Playspace

The Canberra Centre wanted to re-deploy a retail space adjoining some of its most popular eateries and Dendy Cinemas as something special for their customers. BiGfiSh was engaged to create a play environment that felt like an art installation, catering to both children and adults alike.

We approached the space as if it were a gallery, dreaming up an environment that is inspired by nearby climbing site Baroomba Rocks in the ACT's Namadgi National Park. Layered terraforms are upholstered in colours reminiscent of a topographic map, and these are mirrored in the ceiling like stalactites that would have once connected with the floor. We used natural wool fabric and wool carpet over a springy sub-floor so that kids can tumble about while adults lounge within the sumptuous, tactile space.


Canberra Centre, ACT.
Concept Design &  Development, Documentation, Construction, Installation.
Completed October 2017
QIC, Canberra Centre.