Beneath the Sea - VIVID Sydney

Beneath the Sea is an all abilities inclusive playscape created for Vivid 2018 as part of Tumbalong Lights, a Cushman & Wakefield initiative in Darling Harbour. The initiative includes four different installations designed specifically for management of mobility impairment and Autism spectrum requirements.

Beneath the Sea recreates the experience of diving down to the bottom of Sydney Harbour in the form of an immersive, interactive installation. The sea grass curtains are animated by the wind as if moving on ocean currents, and gently evoke the sensation of being immersed in water as they enclose the space and soak up colour. The playscape is teeming with creatures that you may find in the deep, including Jellyfish, Nautilus, Crustaceans and a cluster of not-so-microscopic Phytoplankton, and one very large bubble! 

Spiire and BiGfiSh worked with Behavioural Specialist Katie Greig to develop the playscape based on ASD management principles. This includes interactive tactile preview stations, a step-by-step process guide and PECS cues within the space. Gentle motion and light transitions provide a calm yet completely immersive experience that genuinely caters for all abilities.


Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour.
Conceptual Design, Development, Fabrication, Installation.
Completed May 2018.
Matt York - Spiire
John Ford - Relume Consulting
Katie Greig - Access your Supports
Chris "the witch doctor" Stephens

Clifton Productions - Staging
Resolution X - Lighting.