Ballarat Street Park

BiGfiSh was commissioned to design and build a park in Ballarat street in Yarraville, with the road closed to traffic permanently after 3 years as a summertime pop up park. Bounded by the iconic Sun Theatre and other retail businesses the former street was devoid of trees and required some form of shading. Rather than standard rectangular shade structures we designed shades reminiscent of trees with wide canopies and topped by permeable mesh ‘leaves’. Repurposed park benches were scattered along the length of the park perimeter and grass benches and seat cubes were incorporated under the shade canopies. The grass seating can be moved and rearranged to suit different sized groups. This green oasis has a dynamic character and is populated both day and night and through all seasons.


Ballarat Street, Yarraville, Victoria.
Concept Development, Design, Construction, Installation.
Completed December 2016.
Maribyrnong City Council, Sun Theatre, Naturelinks.