Skinner Reserve Aeroplane Park

When BiGfiSh was asked to help re-instate the Aeroplane Park at Braybrook community hub we really wanted to make sure it was something special. The original playground, which was built by BiGfiSh founder Michael Blunden was destroyed by fire in 2015. We worked with the City Design team from Maribyrnong City Council to create a unique and iconic play structure which retained the theme of flight in honour of the former park.

BiGfiSh designed and fabricated the wing structures which have swings suspended beneath them. We stripped back the wings to create a permeable shelter, with just enough detail to imagine that they may have flown once upon a time. The wings have flashing navigation lights which come on at night and are solar powered.

We also created a pole maze which has paper plane wind vanes flying overhead. The planes are large-scale examples of three classic designs, including the world record holder for distance! The instructions for each are printed on the base of the pole so that kids can fold their own.


Skinner Reserve, Braybrook, Victoria.
Concept Design & Development, Documentation, Construction, Installation.
Completed October 2017
City of Maribyrnong.